We are the Videostrategy® experts

The word Videostrategy® is a registered trademark owned by Social Content Factory, The Story Group video agency - Born to tell your story.

First on the communications market we became the promoters of a new way of approaching video content in a conscious manner while maintaining coherence of form and narrative between different themes and ensuring a balanced use of creativity, artistic inspiration and experimentation.

Our team has all the necessary skills to design, plan, write and create video outputs and Videostrategy® for our clients by following each project internally from A to Z. The word Videostrategy® is a registered trademark owned by Social Content Factory, The Story Group video agency - Born to tell your story.



The Videostrategy has also become a book, written by Andrea Stagnitto and Diego Lifonti, published by FrancoAngeli. Designed for all communicators intending to exploit the video lever most effectively, the manual delves into topics such as different types of videos and brand identity, explaining how essential it is to adopt a strategy set on long-term goals. This strategy should be capable of guiding, thanks to the right creativity, a linear and coherent path. Such planning requires foresight but leads to benefits in terms of communicative effectiveness and budget management.







What is Videostrategy®?

Videostrategy® means planning quality video content studied and calibrated to achieve specific targets and objectives by optimising the productive and economic investment.

Why would you need a Videostrategy®?

Corporate communication and marketing is continually setting new goals.
One video certainly cannot reach everybody.
Our approach is based on three key pillars:

Know who you are to communicate it in the best way.


Brand identity is the starting point of every Videostrategy® and makes it possible to answer fundamental questions such as:
What is the story I have to tell?
What are my values? Which distinguish me more than others?
What is my storytelling style?
Who is my target? What do they expect? Why should they choose to watch my content?
What is my tone of voice? How do my competitors talk?
Every brand has specific targets to talk to.
It is unthinkable to reach them all through just one video content.

Less impulsiveness, more foresight.


Every Videostrategy® is based on planning. Those who put their trust in us will have to forget about “day-to-day” communication which makes it impossible to maximise results. Video content becomes part of a wider vision which, over time, leads the target to become curious, loyal and finally actively react.

Minimum expense,
maximum return.


Planning makes optimisation possible. Only with a broad strategic vision can we create formats and outputs in large quantities by optimising creative sessions, shooting and post-production days.
Optimisation means spending every euro in the budget in the best way. It does not mean spending less but spending better.

Our experience is available to the communicators of tomorrow.

Social Content Factory teaches Videostrategy® on the Masters in Media relations and corporate communication course at ALMED (the Graduate School of Media Communications and Performing Arts) at the Università Cattolica di Milano.